• Because you can finally say that you are over the EX (for real) and your family and friends can finally agree with you (without pretending to agree with you)
  • Because even though you know you have a permanent dopey smile on your face,  you don’t care who sees it!
  • Because you are still happy against all reason – even if you just flunked your class / your hard drive with your 10GB worth of mp3s went on the frizz / you forgot you were dieting and ate all the sugary doughnuts in the box (and ordinarily, this would have signalled the end of the world and contemplation of virtual hara-kiri)
  • Because your skin magically clears up (and you swear it’s through the miracle of ‘love’ hormones)
  • Because you can’t sleep or eat (watch the pounds melt away!)
  • Because you can now watch sappy movies without feeling sorry for yourself!
  • Because you feel gorgeous 24/7

How about you? What’s one of your favorite things?

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